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Puig Stars in New Series “Home Field Advantage”

Baseball fans get a peek inside homes of star players.

Yasiel Puig Returns to Dodgers Lineup to Face Giants

Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig will start in Right Field against the San Francisco Giants.

Why Baseball Needs More Yasiel Puig, Not Less

One of Yasiel Puig's signature moves are his bat flips, but will he keep them around?

An Tribute to Yasiel Puig’s Best Bat Flips

Dodgers Yasiel Puig has decided to cut down on bat flips.

Yasiel Puig–Bat Flip Maestro–Previews Upcoming Concert Season

With the regular season starting in a few more weeks, all eyes are on Yasiel Puig.

Sony Lets You Play PS4 Games Against Yasiel Puig

Sony is letting PlayStation 4 users play video games against celebrities for charity.

Yasiel Puig Slams Into Outfield Wall Making Catch in Cactus League Game

Dodgers Center Fielder Yasiel Puig shows off his speed robbing Anthony Rizzo of a home run in spring training game.

Yasiel Puig Drills 2-run Homer Off Ryan Vogelsong

Yasiel Puig continues to make noise this spring training, this time with his bat.

Yasiel Puig Briefly Transforms Into Human Bobblehead

Yasiel Puig is always catching fans attention, this time as a giant bobble head.

2015 Will Be Year Yasiel Puig’s Star Goes Supernova

As the anticipation for the start of the regular season grows, all eyes are on Yasiel Puig.

Yasiel Puig Hits His First Home Run of Spring, Is Living Up to Expectations

There has been a lot of talk about Yasiel Puig this offseason. He has been said to be in MVP contention this season. Puig is already off to a great start this spring training.

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Puig’s Diving Grab

Yasiel Puig lays out in right field to make an impressive catch and take a hit away from Buster Posey.

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